22nd & 23rd September 2016
Phantasialand Brühl, Germany



The Internet Security Days 2015 – No freedom without security

For the fifth time, eco – Association of the Internet Industry invited the IT world to the Internet Security Days (ISDs) in Phantasialand near Cologne, Germany. Around 600 experts from all over the globe used this chance to learn, network and work together on solutions for the IT threats of tomorrow. Phantasialand was a wonderful colorful background, as always, for a variety of talks, keynote speeches, panel discussions and networking events. Interested participants, excellent exhibitors, strong media partners, fantastic speakers and prestigious sponsors all contributed to the event’s success. Prof. Michael Rotert, Chairman of the Board at eco, officially opened the Internet Security Days and noted, “Without security, there is no freedom.” As a keynote speaker, Sean Obrey gave insights into fighting viruses “Straight from the Labs” at Avira. Tim Cole posed the question in his keynote speech whether Germany is falling behind in terms of digital transformation and called for more courage to innovate: “We need to protect information, not systems.” After the opening words, visitors could choose between two tracks; both of which focused on current challenges for IT security. In one track the speakers took a glimpse at the future of IT security under the motto “The Internet of Tomorrow”. This track explored the particular security challenges involved with the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing.

Regulated IT security. A curse or blessing?

The talks in the second track on the topic “Regulated IT security. A curse or blessing?” looked at the impact of the German IT Security Act from different perspectives and were moderated by Dr. Sandra Schulz, Head of the Capital Office. Oliver Süme, eco Director of Policy and Law, called for a united approach to the Network and Information Security (NIS) regulation at a European level. Dr. Dirk Häger from the German Federal Office for Information Security showed the application of the IT Security Act to various cyber-attacks and, in doing so, vividly explained how legal frameworks are designed. Dr. Paul Vixie led the discussions in the second half of the day on the topic of Security in the Internet of Things From Product Development to the Update Process. Both tracks “My network is my castle” and “Connected World” drew on current developments, such as the recent car hack in the USA, and Industry 4.0. In the evening, guests enjoyed a sumptuous buffet of Asian delicacies in the exotic atmosphere of the Marco Polo restaurant – from spicy wan tan dumplings to crispy duck, no wish was left unfulfilled. The evening was also used for countless thrilling fair rides in Mystery Castle, which was exclusively available to the visitors of the ISDs. An extraordinary show of artistic mastery was given by an Asian acrobatic group to round off the exceptional entertainment put on for the ISDs. Afterwards, guests got to dance the night away and enjoy a few glasses of the local Kölsch beer.

Security issues must be considered from the very outset of production

On the second day the participants were rested and back on time for the first keynote speech, despite the fun night just behind them. Thomas Uhlemann stressed that developers needed a wake-up call: “Security issues must be considered from the very outset of production.” The second keynote has held by Martin Mühleck, representing the European Commission, and outlined the European Cyber Security Strategy. In the morning, participants could choose between the topics “The war on data” and “The measured man.” The ACDC team also gave an overview of the topic “Europe fighting botnets.” The biggest data breaches of the year 2014 were the subject of the talk given by Fortinet’s Josef Meier: „Understanding the Data Breaches of 2014: Did it have to be this way? “ He clarified that, “an IT security system is only ever as strong as its weakest link. Systems should integrated and coherent.” Dr. Steffen Wendzel from the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics FKIE enthralled his audience with his talk “Your house knows what you did last summer” and his overview of the dangers for the owners of Smart Homes.

Data security and data privacy are two sides of the same coin

Data privacy in the cloud was the focus of the afternoon discussion between Dr. Jürgen Hartung of OPPENHOFF & PARTNER and Jeremy Rollison from Microsoft. “Data security and data privacy are two sides of the same coin,” explained Rollison. The second day closed with a special on “Physical Data Security” and the talk “Dynamic Keys for the Internet of Things.” Dieter Will from AVDA Optical Networking SE showed how critical infrastructure can be protected from local and international cyber-attacks. Christian Zenger of Physec introduced dynamic encryption methods for Smart Devices and Thomas Fritz of Kentix explained the significance of Physical Monitoring. In this – its fifth – year, the Internet Security Days proved itself yet again to be a key IT Security event. The combination of fair, conference and networking event in an exclusive location made the best of all three formats and was the ideal environment for learning, knowledge exchange and business. We have already started in earnest working on another great program for the Internet Security Days 2016.


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