22nd & 23rd September 2016
Phantasialand Brühl, Germany


Marketing Opportunities

You can book the following options in addition to your regular partnership, so that your logo will be placed in central, eye-catching positions. In doing so, your company can establish an even greater presence with its target audience.

Inserts for Event Bags

All visitors will receive an event bag on arrival. BringH your advertising material to the attendees! As an insert for the event bags, your provided material will be handed out to every visitor.
Cost: 1,000 Euros for the first insert, 700 Euros for any additional insert


Everybody wears them! Your logo exclusively on the visitor name tag will always be in everybody’s sight.
Cost: 4,000 Euros

Coffee Mugs

Place your logo on the coffee mugs that will be used in all break areas. Attendees may keep the mugs afterwards.
Costs: 7,500 Euros exclusively for both days, 5,000 Euros for one day only


Always useful, always welcome! The attendees of ISD will each be provided with a pen. This could be your item, branded with your logo.
Cost: 1,000 Euros, pens provided by the partner

Writing Pads

Delegates will find your writing pad ready to use on their desks (in every room).
Cost: 1,000 Euro, writing pads provided by the partner

ISD program advertisement

Reach the right people with your ad!
All attendees get a printed ISD program booklet. Advertise in the program – directly at the source of information.
Costs: 1,250 Euros for 1/1 page, 2,500 Euros for back cover

Brochure Distribution

Your brochures will be placed on every table by our hostesses before your company’s Key Stage talk.
Cost: 500 Euros

Brochure distribution (by own hostess)

If you would like your own hosts or hostesses to distribute your flyers amongst the attendants, no problem (not permitted in the lecture room or restaurant)
Cost: 1,500 Euros

Hostess Shirts

The ISD hosts or hostesses are present all over the event area all the time and provide help for all visitors. Place your logo on their polos and you will be remembered!
Cost: 3,000 Euros


Be visible where everybody comes together: Sponsor one of the two lunch breaks. Each table in the lunch areas will be provided with a signholder carrying your logo and you’ll be named as the lunch sponsor in the program
Costs: 2,500 Euros, 4,000 Euros for both days

Party Sponsor

The main celebration! Become the sponsor of the Party and associate yourself with the best and most memorable moments. During the party, each table will have your logo displayed and there will be banners naming you as the sponsor. Moreover, your company will be mentioned as the sponsor of the Party in the program.
Cost: 8,000 Euros

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Erika Hajmassy

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